Watch Me Go.....

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Officially Banded

So Today is day 1 of my liquid diet and im feeling ok. I'm sore the gas pains come and go, sleep time I think was the worst, then I took some drugs and felt much better. As for the actual surgery, lol it was interesting... I was not expecting to be in stir ups.... i started asking them if I was going to be giving birth they laughed then drugged me to sleep, when I woke up and walked over to me recovery room I was in and out of sleep then they brought me some water, I had drank almost the whole cup then felt sick. I ended up throwing up my water, but it was from the anesthesia I was fine after that. Overall the experience so far isn't bad. I just want this gas to go away.....


  1. You made it!! I hope the pain eases and you start to feel normal quickly! I'm thinking of you and wishing you lots of love and a quick recovery. Keep us updated on how it all goes! x

  2. Just keep walking... you will be uncomfortable for a couple days but then it will go away! xxx

  3. Mine lasted about a week. Keep walking and use Gas X.