Watch Me Go.....

Monday, 5 September 2011

Last Depressing Detox Week!

Woo Hoo... I woke up this morning and realized it's MONDAY!! which means my surgery is exactly a week tomorrow!! which means i'm almost done this depressing detox! I know that this detox is a good thing, it's the start of my journey but my god does it make me angry! but now im happy knowing the liquids are on there way... who would've thought that i'd be excited for the liquids.... NOT ME!... but I am. That just means i'm one step closer to unleashing the sexy bitch that hidden inside here somewhere.

Side of Fries: I'm super excited to have all you fabulous women now in my life.... but since the surgery is creeping up quickly I still freak ut a bit which i know is normal.... my biggest concern with this whole thing was to be able to have children after, dr. yau says of course.... so I guess my questions is has anyone one of you who have been banded or know anyone who was and then had children?


  1. No kids here, but I double and triple checked being banded and having kids later.... read a couple of articles about people who get pregnant really quickly after being banded.... also just found out that after my first fill, the pill is not being absorbed as it should be and I have to switch to the patch or something else non-oral!

  2. oh thanks rachel good to know about the pill..... dr.yau said there is no trouble after the fact but you know it is a worry