Watch Me Go.....

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Challenging Day

Today is gonna be a rough one.... i'm going to my grandparents house for lunch... but dont plan on eating there since i know the sunday meal and none of it is on my detox..... My grandparents house for me is like the eating vortex... you could eat a huge meal before entering that house but the minute your in that door it's like your stomach opens up like a vortex and just wants to take everything in! Also majority of the family will be there and they don't know my plans i dont think its any of there business.... I just know i'm going to get annoyed with there comments. i don't think theres ever been a family get together that they havent made a comment about my weight.... i really just wanna tell them all to FUCK OFF and deal with there own issues instead of mine, but i dont I just smile and say i don't know what your saying im a anorexic compared (I point at my skinny cousin) that's the obese one.... its a joke we play since im always too fat and shes always to skinny according to them.
I'm just so tired of hearing the words "such a pretty face but" i've never been a thin girl... always been chubby and grew from there but I can't wait until I can shove that sentence down their throats..... RANTING sorry, i'm pmsing and annoyed with this detox so I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.... anyways ladies you have a good day and hopefully i wont attack anyone with a burger in hand!


  1. Stay strong - my family has similar issues which makes it so hard to spend time with them. Just think how you will show them over the next few months and years!! xxx

  2. Today does sound like a challenge. When I was waiting (literally on the table - pre-op) I thought back to the many challenges I had during the weeks leading up to surgery. And, it made it that much easier to close my eyes and wake up banded !

  3. Good luck! I know what you mean... I only have to do the detox for 2 weeks, I'm 3 days in and BIIIITCHY! It makes it hard to go out with friends, or even to the movies! Have a great day and don't let any haters get you down.

  4. I completely hear you. I never had any family members who were so blatantly cruel, I just don't understand just keep your head up, and know in a years time, they will be eating their words. You are strong and brave for making this decision, and I truly think you will come to see it is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. Stay strong, sister!! And let us know how it goes...

  5. Follower here! I am your lucky number 13!!

    I know that today will be a difficult one eating wise, but just try to take it easy, and try to choose the best foods for you.

    Now having said that...I have been on a Roller Coaster lately between eating right, and caving in to my cravings!! I need to figure out how to control them....

    Looking forward to following your journey. I am sure that you will be one of the ultra successful bandster's!!

  6. You ladies are awesome!! Today was rough I did eat things I shouldn't have... Also the pmsing is horrible all I want is chocolate and mcdonalds cheeseburgers!!! Give me strength