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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mini Frustration

Lord.... I did it again... I step on the scale only to see this whole second week of detox i haven't lost a single pound.... I don't get it. I have been eating whts on the list yet ive seen no results.... so frustrating! I did cheat this week but only once and I've been super good since.... maybe it was the fact that I didnt much cuz I felt no hunger..... I'm just happy I only have one more week!!

Side Note: I've been reading all the BOOBs Blogs and they are so inspirational.... then i was reading some forums and got a little scared from the horror stories.

What would you ladies say has been the hardest part so far being banded?


  1. This is an easy one ... when I was on liquids and transitioning to mushy foods I was eating 700-800 calories a day and the scale was not moving !! I have a carpy, carpy metabolism so I needed to get to full mushies and start eating (and then the scale moved). Be patient is my advice ... and it stinks !!

  2. Hey girl! Listen, I didn't weigh myself at all during pre-op, and thanks to my long winded comment last night, you know I only weigh once a week. I just assumed nothing was going to happen until I was actually banded. So try to relax about it. Honest! Keep on reading those BOOB's blogs - they are fantastic ladies!! I too got a little freaked out by the horror stories, but here's my thoughts. Everyone's experience is different. Obviously, with surgery, there are risks, you can't avoid it. But Dr. Yau does like, 20 of these a day. He is the best in Canada. You will be just fine. Are you reading the Community Support on the Slimband website? Because I found them a bit of a downer - I'd stick to the BOOB's if I were you. You will find that everybodies surgeon or surgical center recommends something else, so don't worry about that. I did talk to the dietician at Slimband about how important it was for me for this to work, because it's my last chance [or that's how I feel]. I was so worried I'd be one of those people that didn't have success, and then I'd just have to kill myself because I couldn't take it anymore [joking, but kinda not, you know?] And she suggested that the band will work as well as you work the band. It is only a tool. You have to follow the guidelines. But I'm telling, you, it WORKS! I'm 6 weeks post op, and I've lost almost 20 lbs. Before surgery, 20 pounds might as well have been 1000. And I know if I keep working on it, it will happen.

    As for the worst part of surgery, honestly, it was the gas pain for me personally. Especially right after they take the tube out of your throat, it can be very hard to catch your breath - don't worry, you'll be FINE, but it was a bit of a shock. Definitely get some GasX you can chew, and if you take any daily meds, get a pill crusher and some cranberry juice to put it in - it will make your life so much easier. The juice masks pretty much everything that tastes awful-it's a miracle. I hope that helps! Any other questions, hit me up!

  3. Step away from the scale...
    I don't weigh that's easy for me to say! Are you drinking plenty of water? Sometimes you just need more to help wash all of your cares away...heehee. The pre-op was a pain...for shore...but the gas pains post op were the worst part of it for me...Gas-X strips were my best friend!! And walking...sometimes in circles in the backyard at 3 in the morning...but walking helped too. You're going to be fine!! Your young and spunky and ready to kick this thing in the butt!!! So excited for you!!!

  4. Hi. New Follower. We all go through the scale frustrations. Try to relax. What's your surgery date? I will be doing some back reading on your blog to get caught up.

  5. Thanks Cece.... i will have to learn to have more patience
    JRD...i'm so happy to know you were with slimband and dr.yau, its comforting to see what the results can be and i will be taking you advice and sticking to reading BOOBs cuz the other forums are almost a tad depressing
    Dede... I am definitely ready to kick this weight in the butt!!
    Robyn... my surgery is scheduled for Sept.13- i did my blodd work on monday so i'm waiting to her back but nothing should be wrong... i'm very excited to start this new chapter in my life!!

  6. The gas after surgery is for sure the worst - just keep walking after surgery (the earlier you start the better it will be). Hang in there and try not to get frustrated!